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Our vow to you, is you will be taught by those who have excelled in GP examinations. As such, the AKT will be covered by doctors who scored at least more than 10% average compared to the pass-mark set by the RCGP in that year. The Stage 2 is taught by doctors who gained direct entry (top 10%) and stage 3 is taught by those who scored full marks at the simulation center.

Full Day Course

Our 1-day intensive course for AKT will give candidates experience of a mock paper with explanations, presentations on high yield common topics and organisational based questions (see course sections for more information). The 1 day intensive course for GP stage 2 exam which compromises a clinical problem solving paper and professional dilemma/SJT paper - also known as the multi-specialty recruitment assessment (MSRA) and The GP stage 3 exam which is at the selection center will also be covered.

Skype Sessions

We know that during GP Exam preparation, trainees often encounter areas where they need special Attention. Which is why we offer one-to-one skype sessions for all your queries, doubts and concerns. It also gives us the opportunity to teach you valuable tricks and tips about the GP Exams.


Choose between a full day intensive session at our London premises, or select a one-to-one Skype session.

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