We are London GP’s who have been through the same process you are about to face. Our courses aim to help prospective trainees get the best marks possible by preparing them for the biggest hurdles that those taking the exams usually face.
Our vow to you, is you will be taught by those who have excelled in the MSRA/Stage 2/Stage 3/AKT and CSA examinations. The CSA will be covered by GP’s who have not only passed the CSA first time but have a tried and tested approach with our actors who have previously worked on the real CSA exam. The AKT will be covered by GP’s who not only scored at least more than 10% average compared to the pass-mark set by the RCGP in that year, but also more than 80% average in each of the 3 AKT sections. The Stage 2 Full day Course is taught by GP’s who gained direct entry (top 10%) and likewise the Stage 3 session is taught by those who scored full marks at the simulation centre and gained entry onto their first choice London deanery GPVTS. 

Sujeen Chandramoorthy

Dr Sujeen Chandramoorthy is a one of the course tutors (GP and Consultant in elderly medicine) who will be focusing on covering all aspects of the AKT, CSA and Stage 3 selection centre. He scored very highly in the AKT surpassing well over 80% average as well as 100% in the Statistics section which is an area that a lot of trainee’s struggle with. As a result, he has played a huge part in constructing the new GPST Courses AKT question bank, concentrating on key topics that are repeated in the AKT. He also scored very highly in the Stage 3 written prioritisation exercises and the interview scenarios which allowed him to receive his offer of GPVTS in London, Whipps Cross. Sujeen graduated from St Georges University of London in 2010 in Biomedical sciences where his final thesis was published. He then attended Hull York Medical School in 2015 (MBBS) and completed his foundation years in the Birmingham deanery. He has been involved in multiple teaching events, quality assurances projects, publications and an international audit. He has also been a medical school interviewer. During GP training he has completed a PGCERT diploma in teaching from Queen Mary’s University, completed his certificate in diabetes training from Warwick University and was made Fellow from the Higher Education Academy. He currently spreads his time between NHS GP and medical consultant work in London. 

Laleesh Chandramoorthy

Dr Laleesh Chandramoorthy is one of the course tutors who will be covering teaching on the Stage 3 selection centre interview scenarios AKT and CSA. He scored almost full marks in every single aspect of the Stage 3 scenarios which allowed him to gain entry to the GPVTS scheme in London, Romford. He has also completed the CSA exam within the first few months of ST3 and will be assisting candidates in getting the perfect history done for each scenario. 
Laleesh graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry and has finished his foundation years in the Yorkshire deanery before accepting his GPVTS London training programme. He has organised and participated in teaching throughout his foundation years and has been on the official interviewing panel for prospective medical students at Barts.
Candidates who enrol onto the course will gain Laleesh’s specific technique of tackling each scenario. He says ‘‘There is a method to preparing these scenarios because the 3 simulated situations do not change; a consultation with a patient, relative and non-medical colleague. With the right coaching and approach there is no reason why you cannot gain full marks in the interview exercises and entry into your first-choice deanery.’’ Laleesh has completed post graduate certificates in Learning and Teaching at Queen Mary’s University and certificate in diabetes training from Warwick University and was made Associate Fellow from the Higher Education academy. He currently works in London as a GP for a NHS Practice, private GP and 111 triage work for London Ambulance service.


Aniruthan Renukanthan


Dr Aniruthan Renukanthan is one of our course tutors, who will be covering teaching on the clinical problem solving and professional dilemmas aspects of the Multi-specialty recruitment assessment (MSRA). Aniruthan came in the top section of MSRA results, which enabled him to receive a direct offer for GP training without needing to sit to stage 3. He has been teaching hundreds of students on the MSRA since 2017 and completed his training under the Royal Free GP VTS Training scheme. He passed the AKT and scored on average more than 80% in the 3 sections of the AKT exam.
He graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2015 with distinctions. He was awarded the Arthur Burrows Prize in 2014 for top achievement in the locomotor module. He has also completed an intercalated degree in Molecular Therapeutics (undertaking research in cardiovascular pharmacology) and attained this in 2012 with 1st Class honors. 
For foundation training, he attained a place in the North Central Thames London Deanery. He has completed a range of rotations at Whittington hospital (FY1) and North Middlesex hospital (FY2), including experience in A&E, microbiology, orthopedics. These greatly contribute to his knowledge base of clinical cases encountered in the MSRA. He has played an active role in teaching/medical education throughout his foundation years, assisted in OSCE teaching for medical students and is currently part of the North Central London GP Fellowship scheme for medical education. Aniruthan does NHS practice work and GP urgent care in a London hospital.